Hello again!

I took a bit of a break. If I’m being honest, I fell off the wagon. It didn’t take much. My husband got sick and I couldn’t cook the food I had pulled out that night because there was just too much. I went and got fast food instead. 😦 After that we lost power and ate out again.

Been eating crappy food ever since.

The certain result of this bad eating has been that my digestion is horrible! I wake up feeling nauseous. I don’t sleep well because of stomach aches.

I’ve never been more convinced that a lifestyle change is for me.

Time to get back on track and focus on easier/less time consuming recipes.

~ Fatty Chic


Some you Win and Some you Lose


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So, After weeks of trying new recipes, I think I have found some staple recipes. These I can repeat every week or every other. I have still not really done well with breakfast foods or snack foods. At this point, I mostly just skip breakfast and snacks. I found some breakfast cereal recipes that I plan to make and see how those goes. Not sure I’m going to find sweet snacks that I can enjoy on occasion, but I will keep hunting.

Dinner tonight was very mixed on the satisfaction scale.

The main course:


The Sauce:


The sauce was great until I added the bourbon. I am not much of a drinker and don’t really care for the taste of alcohol. All I could taste was bourbon. Because of that I really didn’t enjoy this much.

For my side:


The Fauxtatoes were Yummo! I used Ghee instead of butter and definitely used the chives. This will be a regular around this house because it was low on difficulty and high on taste.

I have faltered in this many times, but it has been more from lack of prep than from cravings. I have lost weight and can’t report feeling much healthier except for my digestion. Pop has been the most difficult thing to give up. I’ve had it about four times in the last couple of weeks.

This has been the easiest dietary change in terms of satisfaction that I have ever tried. On the other hand it has been the most difficult in terms of getting educated about the food. I will truck on and soon it will be a way of life.

~ Fatty Chic

Roasted Beets


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I just love fresh beets! Most of my life I thought I hated beets, but it turns out I just didn’t like the pickled kind in the jar. That’s what was served in my family. Several years back I discovered fresh beets at a restaurant and a few years back I began making them myself. If you’ve never made fresh beets before they are pretty easy. You just remove the greens, wash the beets, brush with olive oil, I add salt and pepper, and put them on a cookie sheet at 350 for 40 mins to 1 hour or until tender when poked with a fork. Let them cool until you can handle and then peel. CAUTION: the will make everything they touch red so don’t wear white. Haha

I’ve made two recipes lately with beets, but I can definitely say I prefer this one far better.


I wouldn’t change a thing about this recipe! I will make this regularly for sure. This was great to take for lunch or to have with dinner.

I also love beet and feta salads with vinegar and oil dressing. So many uses for beets and their health benefits are many.

Beet on my friends!

~ Fatty Chic

Not sure about Lamb


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Dinner last night was filling! I definitely ate too much. Here’s what we made.


These were good and grew on me. My feeling is that I might not like lamb very much. This is the second time that we’ve made lamb and both times I’ve noted the gamey taste of the meat. Might try another cut. Overall though, the flavor was good, but I did taste the coconut oil. I think I would try ghee next time in this recipe.


I loved these potatoes, but I always love sweet potatoes. I used regular milk and butter. I have cut out most dairy, but now and again I don’t see much issue with it. The gruyere cheese complimented the dish well. Next time I’ll add more pepper because I’m a pepper nut. I cooked these in individual crocks at 375 and they were done in about 50 minutes.

I would probably not make the chop recipe again, but I will definitely make the sweet potato recipe.

Love trying new stuff!

~Fatty Chic

Breakfast Firsts – Pancakes


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Today I made my first breakfast item.


These pancakes were good, but I can definitely say they aren’t like pancakes we all know and love. I used coconut oil instead of butter in the recipe and they definitely tasted like coconut. If you aren’t a big fan of coconut use the butter. We called them coconut pancakes. We definitely like them, but couldn’t think of them like the traditional ones we avoided this AM. I did not use the Stevia called for because I knew I was going to use maple syrup. These are dense pancakes and a little eggy, but don’t be deterred; remember I said we liked them. I’m just pointing out some of the differences. Also, I didn’t get any of those air bubbles that pop and stay open to let you know they are ready to flip. These brown darker, faster, that regular pancakes, but they didn’t taste burnt. I made them very small, orange sized, for easier flipping. Since I think I flipped them too early, I had to used two spatulas. I cooked them on a hot plate at about 350. Makes 7 small pancakes.

These are very quick to throw together and might be great with some Enjoy chocolate chips or cinnamon added!

I would definitely like these with a breakfast meat for sure. As I made them this morning, I wouldn’t care for them with eggs. If I used butter instead of coconut oil then maybe eggs would seem more appropriate.

Here’s to adding in another meal effort.

~Fatty Chic

First Time for Everything – Kelp Noodles


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I had a bowl of sweetened cereal today and some of those packaged cheese and peanut butter crackers, but I have been successful at sticking to my dinner plans. I said when I started this that I knew I was so far away from having a repertoire of foods, recipes and meals that could allow me to sustain a lifestyle change such as this. So I vowed to begin with crockpot dinners. I committed to making sure that I had a healthy dinner each night. I have done that all except two nights since I started and I just began, as you know from yesterday’s blog, incorporating lunches (that aren’t leftovers anyway).

Tonight’s dinner was delicious and quite interesting on the ingredients. I experienced kelp noodles, coconut aminos, and almond butter all for the first time. Here are the recipes:


Holy yumminess! I just loved the simplicity of this recipe. I bought boneless, grass-fed chicken thighs. This recipe was done at three hours. The sweet and spice of this cashew chicken and the crunch of the cashews…just delish.

I paired with:


Now at first my opinions of kelp noodles before I even bought them was that I wouldn’t like them. I also thought they would be green, but they were clear. They were also in a plastic package not a box. I certainly had fun finding these noodles. I ended up buying them at Whole Foods. Whole foods is too far to drive on a regular basis so I have begun ordering a lot of packaged food on Amazon. I purchased Prime so that shipping is minimal and I get things within two days. I was so surprised at the whole process of these kelp noodles, from the way they looked in the package to the way they looked after cooking to the way they changed with the sauce was added.

This dish paired so great with the cashew chicken. They had similar ingredients, but were just different enough. I am continually surprised how much I don’t miss all the rice, pasta and bread. I am craving certain dishes like fettucini alfredo and pizza, but for the most part, I like how I feel not eating them; never too full and my digestion is much improved.

I asked the hubby tonight which meals up to this point he would eat again and he named most of them! This is super exciting to me as that means I don’t have to feel guilty for depriving him. =D

Til the next meal,

~Fatty Chic

My Fatty Struggle is REAL


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Tonight on the way home from work I had the worst food struggle. I was hungry and didn’t have a snack with me. I wanted EVERYTHING in sight. This struggle is REAL.

I saw fast food ahead and got in the right lane so that I could turn in to get food. I thought, I can’t do that. Then I thought, I don’t have any money with me and felt relieved. I got in the left lane to head home. Then I remembered the $5 bill in my pocket and immediately switched to the right lane again. I was planning my order and traffic backed up and I couldn’t get up to the drive. Well…this was enough time for me to hurry and get in the left lane and head home. The saddest part of all of it was that I was planning to eat that and then have dinner with my husband too. The shame is so strong that I didn’t want to tell him about it. I did when I got home and he assured me I would never have to hide it and that we all slip now and then.

Man, it’s ridiculous how much you crave the carbs and fat. I did end up eating some Taco Bell with the hubby for dinner, but not the amount of carbs, fat or calories I used to eat there. I had a small soda and didn’t drink it all. I usually drink a large one or small with refills if dining in. Not saying it was a good choice, but it is progress.

I’m still proud of myself for the changes I have made and know that I will falter, but I will get there with education, practice, and perseverance.

~Fatty Chic

Food for Camping


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I forgot to share what I made for our camping trip. Yes, I attempted to eat healthier while camping. =D


So…salmon is another one of those foods I’ve never liked. Well, one time my apprentice brought in some salmon he had caught fishing in the UP and he prepared it and that was the ONLY time I’ve ever liked it in all the different ways I’ve tried it.

This recipe was very good. I did make the foil pack for camping and could still do that on my grill, but I think I’m gonna try to cook it on cedar and make the vegetables in a foil pack next time. I am not going to make a habit of eating white potatoes, but for camping it seemed appropriate. I’m not totally sure, but I think the husband liked it too.

The other one I made used Chicken and Summer Sausage.


When shopping for the items for this recipe I totally forgot that summer sausage is the hard sausage that isn’t in the fridgerated section. I looked FOREVER for it and snapped at my husband, when he asked me a question, while I was looking because I was so upset I couldn’t find it. I ended up buying smoked sausage, which was great in it. I really loved this recipe too; maybe more than the salmon one. I just didn’t see the value of the chicken in the recipe. I would’ve enjoyed just the sausage. Another idea is to marinate the chicken in the italian dressing before adding it to recipe. It was really just flavorless and could’ve been better.

Funny story: I had a major meltdown at the campsite when I realized that I couldn’t access the recipes on my tablet. I THOUGHT that even if I didn’t have service, which I knew I wouldn’t, that I could still see the recipe if I already had it opened. Ummm NO! So…I had all the ingredients for both recipes and had NO idea which belonged to which recipe. Obviously the better idea in retrospect was to prepare the packets at home, but I like to do everything the hard way the first time. Anyway, I ended up driving to the store in the campground where I had Wi-Fi, loaded the pages and took a screen shot and returned, with a new calmness, to the campsite and prepared dinner.

Here’s to preparation in all situations and eating healthy no matter where you are.

CONFESSION: I did consume soda, nutty bars, and other bad things while camping, but I did improve on my normal camping consumption by two meals. Baby steps.

~Fatty Chic

First Time for Everything – Tuna



Ok, so I’m super excited about Tuna now! I’ve never really liked Tuna much except for my brother’s Tuna Melts (The absolute worst way to eat Tuna).

This morning, in preparation for my pizza and breadstick craving I knew was bound to happen, I prepared a Tuna salad.


This Tuna salad is capital A-mazing! I will make this often. I hope there’s some left for my hubby to try because I think he’ll really like it. I made enough for him, but because I’m so excited about this food, I offered it to my employees before tasting it, loving it, and thinking my husband would really enjoy it. If they don’t eat it, there will be plenty for him.

NOTE: I put half the amount of oil called for. This could be because I didn’t measure my basil and ended up using less or it could be that it would’ve been really oily if I used the full amount. Either way, I would turn the food processor on and gradually add oil while running. I let the pesto process in processor for around 5 minutes.

I didn’t do a crockpot meal for dinner. So I will go and figure out what dinner holds.

~Fatty Chic

Preparation and Willpower

So…I’m quickly realizing that I have to keep things more simple during the week.

I made a meal tonight that took forever to make. While it was good, I think I didn’t enjoy it as much after all that work! Part of it was not having the right stuff prepped. For example, this recipe calls for a homemade mayo that I could’ve made up yesterday. Well…to be quite honest, I couldn’t have made it as the avocado oil I ordered online turned out to be for your skin and not cooking.  AND I didn’t have an emulsifier to thicken it up. Needless to say this mayo probably wasn’t quite what the recipe meant. Haha

Here are the recipes I made for dinner:

Sweet Pulled Pork Waffle Sliders

These were actually really good and probably would be much better with the proper mayo. The pork was really simple,but surprisingly delicious. The waffle bun was crunchy and flavorful and probably would’ve been even better with the mayo. The crunch of the bacon on the slider was perfect. I even added a pickle and I’m not much of a pickle girl. As I type about it, with my feet kicked back in my recliner finally resting after the laborious dinner, I realize I just might want this again with better planning.


This slaw was a good idea and complimented the pork sliders well. I am just not sure the dressing is my last stop. I LOVED the raw beet, carrot, onion and cabbage combination for sure, but I like my coleslaw a bit less vinegar tasting (the reason I don’t care for pickles much) and a bit sweeter. Maybe some palm sugar would’ve helped a bit, maybe natural honey, or maybe agave. Not sure, but I’ll keep working on this one.

On another note: My husband has been pretty supportive, but tonight I ate alone. He brought home a pizza roll and breadsticks. Those of you who know me know that this is quite possibly my favorite meal. I wasn’t a happy chic to say the least. He did apologize and maybe if he has it again, it won’t be in my presence. Let us pray because all I want for lunch tomorrow is just that…pizza and breadsticks. These are times where it seems even more important to have a plan for tomorrow so that I am not left to answer to my cravings!

~fatty chic

UPDATE: This coleslaw is waaaaay better the next day!