This pic was me almost at my heaviest weight.

This pic was me almost at my heaviest weight.

So I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I’ve never really dieted like most. Not because I didn’t want to lose weight, but because I knew that they were all just fads.

I did try portion control and it was successful for a time. I portioned my whole house into 1/2 cup containers. I allowed myself whatever I wanted, but only in that portion. I ate 2 containers for breakfast, 3 containers for lunch and 5 for dinner. I ate every two hours with 21 ounces of water each hour between. I also allowed for two snacks = 1 container. Needless to say this was very inhibiting in terms of prep and convenience for eating out. It didn’t help me learn what was good for me and how to make good choices when my containers weren’t an option.

At the age of 31 I had bariatric surgery. It was never really successful, even though I lost over 100 pounds, because my body didn’t really like the band and a lot of my weight loss was due to vomiting. After two slips and two surgeries, one to repair and one to remove, I began gaining the weight back rapidly.

Now I am the heaviest I have ever been and have been searching for a sustainable lifestyle change. I think I finally found it!

In this blog I will share my journey, ups and downs. I will share recipes, emotions, pictures, my successes and failures. Here’s to sharing. I hope I can inspire.

~Fatty Chic