Well…everyone thinks that fat people always want to lose weight because they hate how they look. That’s often part of it, but that’s definitely not our only motivation.

For me, I was primarily moved to lose weight for health reasons. I’ve always hated being overweight, but never realized how terrible I felt until I lost a large amount of weight and then gained it back. I feel so inhibited by my weight in everything I do: tying my shoes, being in the heat, going up the stairs, how far I can walk without my feet, knees and hips hurting, breathing, sleeping, mental health, acid reflux, and the list goes on and on.

I also wanted to have a child with my husband and while there are other factors in our struggle to conceive, I never really wanted to carry a child in such an unhealthy body.

I have a young nieces and nephews and I get way to exhausted way too quickly while playing with them. I love them babies too much to be a couch Aunt!

There they are people…My Fatty Motivations.

~Fatty Chic