Ok, so I’m super excited about Tuna now! I’ve never really liked Tuna much except for my brother’s Tuna Melts (The absolute worst way to eat Tuna).

This morning, in preparation for my pizza and breadstick craving I knew was bound to happen, I prepared a Tuna salad.


This Tuna salad is capital A-mazing! I will make this often. I hope there’s some left for my hubby to try because I think he’ll really like it. I made enough for him, but because I’m so excited about this food, I offered it to my employees before tasting it, loving it, and thinking my husband would really enjoy it. If they don’t eat it, there will be plenty for him.

NOTE: I put half the amount of oil called for. This could be because I didn’t measure my basil and ended up using less or it could be that it would’ve been really oily if I used the full amount. Either way, I would turn the food processor on and gradually add oil while running. I let the pesto process in processor for around 5 minutes.

I didn’t do a crockpot meal for dinner. So I will go and figure out what dinner holds.

~Fatty Chic