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I forgot to share what I made for our camping trip. Yes, I attempted to eat healthier while camping. =D


So…salmon is another one of those foods I’ve never liked. Well, one time my apprentice brought in some salmon he had caught fishing in the UP and he prepared it and that was the ONLY time I’ve ever liked it in all the different ways I’ve tried it.

This recipe was very good. I did make the foil pack for camping and could still do that on my grill, but I think I’m gonna try to cook it on cedar and make the vegetables in a foil pack next time. I am not going to make a habit of eating white potatoes, but for camping it seemed appropriate. I’m not totally sure, but I think the husband liked it too.

The other one I made used Chicken and Summer Sausage.


When shopping for the items for this recipe I totally forgot that summer sausage is the hard sausage that isn’t in the fridgerated section. I looked FOREVER for it and snapped at my husband, when he asked me a question, while I was looking because I was so upset I couldn’t find it. I ended up buying smoked sausage, which was great in it. I really loved this recipe too; maybe more than the salmon one. I just didn’t see the value of the chicken in the recipe. I would’ve enjoyed just the sausage. Another idea is to marinate the chicken in the italian dressing before adding it to recipe. It was really just flavorless and could’ve been better.

Funny story: I had a major meltdown at the campsite when I realized that I couldn’t access the recipes on my tablet. I THOUGHT that even if I didn’t have service, which I knew I wouldn’t, that I could still see the recipe if I already had it opened. Ummm NO! So…I had all the ingredients for both recipes and had NO idea which belonged to which recipe. Obviously the better idea in retrospect was to prepare the packets at home, but I like to do everything the hard way the first time. Anyway, I ended up driving to the store in the campground where I had Wi-Fi, loaded the pages and took a screen shot and returned, with a new calmness, to the campsite and prepared dinner.

Here’s to preparation in all situations and eating healthy no matter where you are.

CONFESSION: I did consume soda, nutty bars, and other bad things while camping, but I did improve on my normal camping consumption by two meals. Baby steps.

~Fatty Chic