So…I’m quickly realizing that I have to keep things more simple during the week.

I made a meal tonight that took forever to make. While it was good, I think I didn’t enjoy it as much after all that work! Part of it was not having the right stuff prepped. For example, this recipe calls for a homemade mayo that I could’ve made up yesterday. Well…to be quite honest, I couldn’t have made it as the avocado oil I ordered online turned out to be for your skin and not cooking.  AND I didn’t have an emulsifier to thicken it up. Needless to say this mayo probably wasn’t quite what the recipe meant. Haha

Here are the recipes I made for dinner:

Sweet Pulled Pork Waffle Sliders

These were actually really good and probably would be much better with the proper mayo. The pork was really simple,but surprisingly delicious. The waffle bun was crunchy and flavorful and probably would’ve been even better with the mayo. The crunch of the bacon on the slider was perfect. I even added a pickle and I’m not much of a pickle girl. As I type about it, with my feet kicked back in my recliner finally resting after the laborious dinner, I realize I just might want this again with better planning.

This slaw was a good idea and complimented the pork sliders well. I am just not sure the dressing is my last stop. I LOVED the raw beet, carrot, onion and cabbage combination for sure, but I like my coleslaw a bit less vinegar tasting (the reason I don’t care for pickles much) and a bit sweeter. Maybe some palm sugar would’ve helped a bit, maybe natural honey, or maybe agave. Not sure, but I’ll keep working on this one.

On another note: My husband has been pretty supportive, but tonight I ate alone. He brought home a pizza roll and breadsticks. Those of you who know me know that this is quite possibly my favorite meal. I wasn’t a happy chic to say the least. He did apologize and maybe if he has it again, it won’t be in my presence. Let us pray because all I want for lunch tomorrow is just that…pizza and breadsticks. These are times where it seems even more important to have a plan for tomorrow so that I am not left to answer to my cravings!

~fatty chic

UPDATE: This coleslaw is waaaaay better the next day!