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I had a bowl of sweetened cereal today and some of those packaged cheese and peanut butter crackers, but I have been successful at sticking to my dinner plans. I said when I started this that I knew I was so far away from having a repertoire of foods, recipes and meals that could allow me to sustain a lifestyle change such as this. So I vowed to begin with crockpot dinners. I committed to making sure that I had a healthy dinner each night. I have done that all except two nights since I started and I just began, as you know from yesterday’s blog, incorporating lunches (that aren’t leftovers anyway).

Tonight’s dinner was delicious and quite interesting on the ingredients. I experienced kelp noodles, coconut aminos, and almond butter all for the first time. Here are the recipes:


Holy yumminess! I just loved the simplicity of this recipe. I bought boneless, grass-fed chicken thighs. This recipe was done at three hours. The sweet and spice of this cashew chicken and the crunch of the cashews…just delish.

I paired with:


Now at first my opinions of kelp noodles before I even bought them was that I wouldn’t like them. I also thought they would be green, but they were clear. They were also in a plastic package not a box. I certainly had fun finding these noodles. I ended up buying them at Whole Foods. Whole foods is too far to drive on a regular basis so I have begun ordering a lot of packaged food on Amazon. I purchased Prime so that shipping is minimal and I get things within two days. I was so surprised at the whole process of these kelp noodles, from the way they looked in the package to the way they looked after cooking to the way they changed with the sauce was added.

This dish paired so great with the cashew chicken. They had similar ingredients, but were just different enough. I am continually surprised how much I don’t miss all the rice, pasta and bread. I am craving certain dishes like fettucini alfredo and pizza, but for the most part, I like how I feel not eating them; never too full and my digestion is much improved.

I asked the hubby tonight which meals up to this point he would eat again and he named most of them! This is super exciting to me as that means I don’t have to feel guilty for depriving him. =D

Til the next meal,

~Fatty Chic