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Tonight on the way home from work I had the worst food struggle. I was hungry and didn’t have a snack with me. I wanted EVERYTHING in sight. This struggle is REAL.

I saw fast food ahead and got in the right lane so that I could turn in to get food. I thought, I can’t do that. Then I thought, I don’t have any money with me and felt relieved. I got in the left lane to head home. Then I remembered the $5 bill in my pocket and immediately switched to the right lane again. I was planning my order and traffic backed up and I couldn’t get up to the drive. Well…this was enough time for me to hurry and get in the left lane and head home. The saddest part of all of it was that I was planning to eat that and then have dinner with my husband too. The shame is so strong that I didn’t want to tell him about it. I did when I got home and he assured me I would never have to hide it and that we all slip now and then.

Man, it’s ridiculous how much you crave the carbs and fat. I did end up eating some Taco Bell with the hubby for dinner, but not the amount of carbs, fat or calories I used to eat there. I had a small soda and didn’t drink it all. I usually drink a large one or small with refills if dining in. Not saying it was a good choice, but it is progress.

I’m still proud of myself for the changes I have made and know that I will falter, but I will get there with education, practice, and perseverance.

~Fatty Chic