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Today I made my first breakfast item.


These pancakes were good, but I can definitely say they aren’t like pancakes we all know and love. I used coconut oil instead of butter in the recipe and they definitely tasted like coconut. If you aren’t a big fan of coconut use the butter. We called them coconut pancakes. We definitely like them, but couldn’t think of them like the traditional ones we avoided this AM. I did not use the Stevia called for because I knew I was going to use maple syrup. These are dense pancakes and a little eggy, but don’t be deterred; remember I said we liked them. I’m just pointing out some of the differences. Also, I didn’t get any of those air bubbles that pop and stay open to let you know they are ready to flip. These brown darker, faster, that regular pancakes, but they didn’t taste burnt. I made them very small, orange sized, for easier flipping. Since I think I flipped them too early, I had to used two spatulas. I cooked them on a hot plate at about 350. Makes 7 small pancakes.

These are very quick to throw together and might be great with some Enjoy chocolate chips or cinnamon added!

I would definitely like these with a breakfast meat for sure. As I made them this morning, I wouldn’t care for them with eggs. If I used butter instead of coconut oil then maybe eggs would seem more appropriate.

Here’s to adding in another meal effort.

~Fatty Chic