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So, After weeks of trying new recipes, I think I have found some staple recipes. These I can repeat every week or every other. I have still not really done well with breakfast foods or snack foods. At this point, I mostly just skip breakfast and snacks. I found some breakfast cereal recipes that I plan to make and see how those goes. Not sure I’m going to find sweet snacks that I can enjoy on occasion, but I will keep hunting.

Dinner tonight was very mixed on the satisfaction scale.

The main course:


The Sauce:


The sauce was great until I added the bourbon. I am not much of a drinker and don’t really care for the taste of alcohol. All I could taste was bourbon. Because of that I really didn’t enjoy this much.

For my side:


The Fauxtatoes were Yummo! I used Ghee instead of butter and definitely used the chives. This will be a regular around this house because it was low on difficulty and high on taste.

I have faltered in this many times, but it has been more from lack of prep than from cravings. I have lost weight and can’t report feeling much healthier except for my digestion. Pop has been the most difficult thing to give up. I’ve had it about four times in the last couple of weeks.

This has been the easiest dietary change in terms of satisfaction that I have ever tried. On the other hand it has been the most difficult in terms of getting educated about the food. I will truck on and soon it will be a way of life.

~ Fatty Chic